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With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Selena Deleon is a results-driven Certified Trainer & Pilates Instructor. She combines a diverse repertoire of Spinning, Sculpting & Pilates to offer a unique hybrid class called CoreFit Pilates. She can teach in French, Spanish and English depending on your language preference.

While on your holiday, experience one of her signature classes at your villa.

Body Holiday Mat Classes At Your Villa

Selena offers a “Body Holiday” package where she comes to teach and provide a CoreFit* Pilates experience

CoreFit Pilates classes for all levels


CoreFit Psychedeic Wellness Journey Experiences

*with trained facilitator

Variety of fitness modalities, meditation and lifestyle coaching


Complimentary CoreFit Food Samples


Class & Package Options

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*classes start as low as US$44

We Offer A Bunch of Packages

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Guided Jogging/Walking Trail Excursion


Selena takes you on a beautiful tropical trail in nature set to your fitness level to give you a closer look at Jamaica's beauty while you get your cardio fix.

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*price available on request


Cool Out CoreFit Mat Pilates Package

Mat Pilates Class 45 minutes with a focus on either flexibility or therapeutic for sore muscles, injuries, joints mobility and breathwork.

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500-Mat Pilates

Level Up CoreFit Mat Pilates Package

Mat Pilates class 45 minutes with a focus on strength and toning. The focal points will be determined on an individual basis based on a personalized assessment prior to the class.

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500-Indoor Cycling

Certified Spinning Instructor

Indoor Cycling (where available) or Cardio

  • Depending on the facilities at the villa, we can offer a variety of programs.
  • Indoor Cycling classes 40 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes Pilates stretch cool down
  • Hybrid fusion classes (including weights, Mat Pilates, Spinning or Running as the warm-up segment.)

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Introductory Meditation Sessions

  • 30 minutes meditation with Mat Pilates stretches
  • Short meditation introductory sessions with candlelight sessions are available at sunrise and sunset, pre or post-class, built into the programme, as an addition to any class offering.

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CoreFit PILATone & Burn

  • 45 minutes CoreFit toning sessions which can include light weight training exercises, mat Pilates using bands, balls and CoreFit Pilates props.
  • Barre and low impact cardio infusion
  • 5 minute cool down and Pilates stretch

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Body Measurements, Weight and Nutritional Counseling Services

  • Selena has her own customized weight loss plan Core Fit Foods Diet, with over 2000 success stories, over 22 years in weight loss coaching and branded specially formulated foods and products that deliver proven weight loss results.
  • 45 minute session: Body measurements, bioimpedance analysis and review of diet and habits on a one on one session, with goal-setting outcomes and recommendations for food intake, lifestyle and behavioral changes in an on-site coaching session.

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In-Studio Reformer & Chair Pilates classes

  • Selena has her own customized Core Fit Pilates in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Your transportation can be arranged.
  • With over 2000 success stories, 20 years of experience as a studio owner in Kingston, you can trust her with any issues you might be experiencing in your body. She knows her stuff.
  • 55 minute sessions: Using Balanced Body Pilates equipment, you can count on realignment, core strength and a good stretch. 
  • Groups of up to four persons or one on one private sessions are available.
  • Pilates is proven to have far-reaching benefits to restore, relieve and reset your body.

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Psychedelic Journey Experience

  • Group or one on one Psychedelic Journey includes medicine and personalized facilitation on the Full Moon lawn located at the Core Fit Pilates Studio, with or without transportation.

Weight Loss Plant Medicine Package:

  • Experience + Plant Medicine + Education with a trained facilitator & coach using the responsible and measured use of psychedelic substances for the specific purpose of reforming behavioral patterns such as compulsive, emotional eating and food addiction.
  • Pre-Journey Intention Setting Consultation with trained facilitator + Six Hour Psychedelic Experience (Including the plant medicine) + one post-journey call for 45 minutes.
  • One month of weight loss foods and coaching *available in the US

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Reset Post-Vacation Weight Loss Package


  • 5-8 lbs weight loss results. Snap back in two weeks with Selena online.
  • Includes a Core Fit Two Week Package of weight loss foods
  • 4 online Pilates classes
  • Two Weeks Skinny Drop Coaching

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